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Learn More about Car Title Loans in California

Auto Title Loan in Murrieta, CA

Get your fast cash fix with us. We’ll set you up with a complimentary free title loan estimate for your car. It takes just a few minutes and before you know it, you’ll be approved for a title loan.

Needing cash in a hurry can create a lot of worry and confusion. That’s why you’ll want to look for a loan package that not only offers perks, but also actually delivers on them.

Take our California title loans, for example. We’ll list the benefits and tell you how we can back them up:

  • Complete only 1 application – and 3 simple steps
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Competitive rates and great APRs
  • Strong customer service team
  • Hundreds of locations in California

We have more than 10 years experience, so we know how to streamline the title loan application process and make sure you get your money in 24 hours or less. Our interest rates max out at 10%. That beats most credit cards and payday loans. It’s not worth getting a cash advance if you can’t pay it back.

And with Murrieta being a commuter town, you can’t function without your car. You’re in luck – you can get one of our title loans and still keep your vehicle. Your car secures your loan, so we have all the collateral we need. That’s not going to happen with a pawnshop.

Your Get Great Customer Service in Riverside County

Sure you’re ready to apply for an auto title loan, but you have a few questions… Great! Our team of loan professionals loves questions. That’s why we’re available for you around the clock. That’s right – we’re a true blue 24/7 service. That means whenever you call you’ll get an actual human being. We don’t have an automated system and you won’t have to leave a voice mail message.

We’re committed to getting you the online title loan that’s a perfect fit for your individual circumstances. We think “one-size-fits-all” is highly over-rated.

As the bridge company for your lender, we work closely with our contacts to customize your loan package. We help you create all the details of your title loan – interest rate, amount, and loan term. No detail gets past us and that means no detail gets past you.

We think you’ll enjoy working with a team of experienced professionals almost as much as putting a whole lot of dollars in your pocket.

Online Title Loans Mean Money in 24 Hours

Yes, you can apply for a car tile loan – $10,000, $20,000, and even more – from your home computer. And you can do it any time of the day that’s easiest for you. Think of the convenience and privacy. And it’s just one application.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Apply and receive your quote
  2. Talk with your loan advisor and begin creating your package details
  3. Drive to a brick and mortar store to pick up your cash

We’ll tell you “Yes” faster than you can hit “Send.” But maybe the best part of our title loans is when you hear us say “No:”

  • No hidden fees – even if you pay off your loan early
  • No credit report – your loan is secured
  • No minimum loan term – pay off next week, if you want

The only thing left to do is for you to say “yes” and click to apply.

Find My Title Loan Locations