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Learn More about Car Title Loans in California

Car Equity Loans in Pomona, CA

Finding the right loan is never easy, and if you’re left balancing the pros and cons of bank, payday, and title loans on your own, it can sometimes feel impossible. We know that, which is why we’re here. Instead of spending countless hours comparing and calling around, one easy online application is all you need to get started letting us match you with just the right car title loan.

When you work with us, you’re still in charge of your loan. Our loan specialists will talk with you directly about what you expect from a  pink slip loan, and custom select loans based off of the terms you set. You keep your voice in your loan, but we take out all the guess work.

When it comes to auto title loans, getting a good one doesn’t have to be difficult after all.

Car Title Loans in the Pomona Area

Title loans, or pink slip loans as they are sometimes called, are a bit different than other types of loans in Pomona. They use your car title directly as collateral, and while they process faster than bank loans, they don’t have the same short repayment windows or steep interest rates as payday loans.

When you apply with us, you’ll find out instantly if you’ve been approved and you’ll receive a title loan estimate letting you know how much you may be able to borrow. Once you get that estimate, give our office a call and be sure to have just a few things ready:

  1. A car title, paid-off and with no liens against it
  2. A valid ID
  3. A source of income, which could include unemployment benefits
  4. A few references

We’ll let you know if anything else is needed once we’ve got a loan in mind for you. Before that, though, you’ll be able to speak with your personal loan specialist about the terms you want from your title loan. Once those are set to your liking and you’ve decided on a repayment plan, you’ll be all set to pick up your cash. Some of our loans even let you get your money in as little as 24 hours!

Flexible Repayment Options

We believe that getting your auto title loan shouldn’t be the only easy part of the loan process. That’s why we offer a number of flexible repayment plans that can be set to your schedule, so you’ll always be prepared when a payment comes due. With up to 42 months to repay, you’ll never be pressured to come up with the funds, and interest rates as low as 3% mean you’re actually paying down your loan principal. We’ll also never penalize you for being a responsible borrower and paying early or in one lump sum. However, if your circumstances ever change such that it impacts your ability to repay, our customer support team will work with you on renegotiating your terms.

So don’t sit there guessing. Apply online for a car title loan today, and get your cash by tomorrow!

Find My Title Loan Locations