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Auto Title Loan in Cleburne, TX

Are your finances keeping up with your goals? It can be difficult to move forward when the purse strings are keeping you tied down in one place. An auto title loan can lighten the load and provide options that can get you the money you need to fling yourself into action. Receive an estimate for a title loan by text when you fill out the online application now.

What is a Car Title Loan?

Getting a car title loan is like pawning an item. You have something of value that you exchange for cash. But there’s one important difference. When you pawn something, like your coin collection, you lose it until you can pay it back. With a title loan in Cleburne, you get cash, but you get to keep your car for the duration of the loan.

That’s not to say you can’t keep you car with other loans. You can. But each of those loan options is also less impressive when compared to a car title loan. For instance, with payday loans, you keep your car and get money quickly, but with 20% interest rates your bank account could suffer for months, especially since you only have a few weeks to pay it all back.

If you have good credit, a personal loan could fit the bill, but you’ll have to wait. And if you don’t get a personal loan through a bank, or you have bad credit, the interest rates can be better with a payday loan.

And then there are Texas title loans:

  • Get $5,000 or more
  • Dozens of locations near you
  • Several options for the unemployed
  • Up to 3 years to repay the loan
  • Interest rates that are among the lowest in the nation
  • No penalties for repaying the loan early
  • Cash in as little as 24 hours
  • Keep your keys – and your freedom

What Do You Need to Get a Title Loan?

Interested in getting started? Great. Simply fill out our online application. In just a few minutes, you’ll receive a text with your preliminary loan information. Call us up and we’ll help you find the best lender for you by inputting your information into our database.

When you call, you’ll reach a customer service rep who will guide you through the lending process and make sure you have everything you need, such as:

  • References
  • ID
  • Proof of income (including unemployment benefits)
  • Lien-free car title

Once you’ve landed on a lender, you’ll bring your car in for an inspection. You’ll get your cash, hand over your title and drive home, or wherever you’re going next, in your car.

Bridging Your Present and Your Future

You can trust us to get you the best lender for your situation because we’re not a lender. We’re a bridge company. As such, we have access to hundreds of lenders in Texas. That allows us to scour Johnson county for the lenders nearest you who offer the things that are important to you. This leads to a flexible, affordable loan that both meets your needs and can continue to meet your needs if they change.

Just like your car gets you where you need to go, the money from an auto title loan can get you to where you want your tomorrows to be, whether you want a down payment for a house, an MBA, new equipment for your restaurant or simply to be credit card debt free. Take the first step and apply now.

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